Sandy Hook elementary fell victim to the most recent American school shooting, but school shootings are far from over. Through out history it has almost become a trend for crazed gunmen to target the most defenseless of people, maybe because it gets the biggest reaction or maybe because there are fewer obstacles. All they have to do is walk into a shop, buy a gun, walk into a school and release the rounds. What we want to do to get this petition going is to treat it like smoking. By this we mean to gradually make it socially unacceptable and then, potentially get rid of it completely. Smoking was once a cool and normal thing to do for anybody and when laws began to come in like not being able to smoke in pubs people took it as a big culture shock and hated the idea (Myself included) but gradually people adapted to the idea and now smoking is simply seen as an expensive health risk adopted by only a minority.

I recently saw a funny pro-gun poster online that showed a laptop, some matches and a set of knives and it read ‘No one sees a hacker, a slasher and an arsonist here, why be afraid of guns?’ The point that these people don’t understand is that while all of these things have a soul purpose that does not damage anything, guns were invented for killing.

Guns are made to kill


In Denver It is illegal to lend your vacuum cleaner to your next-door neighbor. And thats not the worst! There is another law in New York where you get fined $25 just for flirting. A hell of a lot of flirting goes on in New York so the city must be overflowing with criminals. All these ridiculous laws still stand while guns, the reason for 10,000 deaths in the USA every year are still completely legal. The problem is that the main arguments against guns at the moment are coming from a posh ex-newspaper editor from the countryside in England with a face like a slapped arse called Piers Morgan. And how many gun owning Americans are going to surrender their weapons to him? None. He even made his argument ten times worse on national television in a debate with Ted Nugent where Ted argued ‘Leave us the hell alone!’ and Piers began to back down without managing to get a word in. One argument Ted made was that the majority of people that own a gun are not psychopaths aiming to kill people. I agree. But how do you know who is a psychopath and who is not? Recently a very well respected police officer went on a murdering rampage that none of his family or colleagues would have ever expected in a million years. If Piers Morgans argument went a bit like that he may have stood a better chance but instead the successful tabloid editor with years of experience was a bit lost for words.

Piers wont make change